Patrick Gray

Props Buyer // Set Dresser // Art Department Assistant

” If I had to have 3 words to describe me they would be: Diligent, Responsible and Creative Problem Solver. These three tenets guide me through, not just my career, but what I absolutely love to do: Film.

I have over 2 years’ experience within the Film industry within Cape Town, primarily doing international commercial jobs and TVCs, however am always ready for a bigger project.

My experience has given me a fundamental understanding of how an art department should function in order to bring a creative project to completion. Furthermore, I know the ins and outs of prop houses, design shops and media around Cape Town, this knowledge will assist in a faster turnover time from beginning your creative project to seeing incredible results.

I was lucky enough to have close ties with certain art directors who mentored me and taught me all they know about the Art Department.  In threat of seeming conceited, I believe myself to be a very likable person who has always harboured friendly and respectful professional relationships with all those I have worked with.

I believe I will be an asset on any team as I am highly motivated to produce the best possible results for the project through leading by example.  I crave constructive criticism from colleagues, as I find transparency about one’s shortcomings or possible improvements is the best way to advance oneself within their career.

I have experience with set dressing, pack shots, coordinating swing gang and truck movement from set to set, as well as sourcing and buying of props. I thrive under pressure and when the going gets tough it only motivates me further. I look forward to working with you in the future and bringing your creative vision to life! “