Caroline Walker

Set Decor // Props // Construction
Keen, creative and enthusiastic.  I started working in KZN Film Industry in 2009, sourcing and buying for both Set Dressing and Construction departments.  I am now furthering my career in Film In Cape Town.  I have been working in both feature and commercial world, getting to know their in’s and out’s intermittently.  My time in Cape Town has allowed me time to discover all the wonderful prop houses and shops which allow for an amazingly diverse array of set dressing options.  It’s truly wonderful being able to tap into such a large amount of possibilities in one town.
I feel very passionately about the Art Department, I love sourcing and finding the “right” piece of dressing for sets and the challenges set out by my HOD’s
I have worked closely with the fabricators on the Warner Brothers film “The Jungle Book”, learning about casting and mold making.  We worked with silicone, fiberglass and polyurethane two part expanding foam.  Scenic work has also been an important part of my job criteria over the years.  I find the art of working with different ranging materials and chemicals both challenging and fascinating.  an art form I am keen to learn more about.
In short I am very a very hard worker and a keen learner, willing to go the extra mile to make a set come to life.  I am up for any challenge that you throw my way and while I may make some mistakes along the road, my willingness to improve and excel will well be worth your while.