Dave Prinsloo

Props & Art Assistant

In the summer of 2017/2018 I moved to a small village in the former Transkei, in the Port St Johns area, embarking on an informal skills exchange programme of sorts. I shared my knowledge of technology and small scale food-farming and in return learnt a lot about creating sustainable living conditions in an area that does not have decent infrastructure providing the basics like water, electricity and everyday conveniences that city-dwellers are used to.

Living amongst some of the poorest communities in South Africa was not only humbling, but taught me a lot about making use of whatever can be found in one’s surroundings to overcome obstacles and solving problems that are usually solved by simply going to a hardware store and buying what is needed.

Working on commercials in Cape Town over summer provided some funds for the rest of the year and working at a backpackers (baking pizza) also provided some income, since tourism is the only real source of income in Pondoland. When Covid-19 broke out and lock-down measures were imposed, tourism became non-existent and by April 2021 I left the Transkei and returned to Wilderness on the Garden Route, where I am now based.