Este Stefanie Kira Opperman

Design // Props // Set Decor

As passionate creator, my creativity has always found a means to express itself in one way or another in both personal art and as a career.

I have been working in Art Department since 2008 and have been fortunate to receive mentor ship from leading production designers and decorators.

I’ve shaped my teeth on any and everything I could get my hands on, from short-films to music videos to independent feature films to high budget action and courtroom drama. I can produce stylized sleek as well as dust, dirt and chaos.  My background taught me the importance of hands-on resourcefulness in times of difficult locations, budgets or requirements, as well as the importance of good management of teams, skilled and talented set dressers. We persevered and pushed through where others have given up, never quite comprehending how we managed to
accomplish certain sets against all odds.

Belief in peaceful, calm and organized teamwork and the utilization of the strengths of the entire team and their creative input is of paramount importance to me.  I am passionate and driven and truly have a deep love for the medium of film and all it’s challenges and opportunities for creative expression.

I have recently started further developing my own passion for fabrication of fantastical headdresses and would greatly appreciate further opportunities to learn in the areas of wardrobe fabrication.  I have experience in dying, can do basic sowing, and have a general feel and basic experience of again and fabrication.