Jade Bianca Howell

Art Director //  Props Master // Props Buyer
I have been creative from the moment I could hold a pen. In school I excelled in painting,design, drawing, drama and writing. I have done many creative professions including photography and graphic design. However, my soul was never content with a 9-5 corporate job, I needed something more.


Thank goodness I discovered the film industry. It was love at first sight.

I love the fast-paced energy and the constant creative problem solving. I love meeting new people on different jobs. I love having different briefs and learning something new from every experience. I feel blessed to feel this passionate about my job. I love what I do.


Over the last 5 years, I’ve learned from the best art directors in the South African industry and have expanded my skills while working for world-renowned directors of both local and international production companies. I have been a buyer, dresser, props master and I am now soley focusing on art directing. So far, I have been lucky to gain quite a lot of experience here in the local film industry.


I am very intuitive and can quickly conceptualize and provide visual presentations of a brief. I am proficient with set breakdowns and budgeting.

My team has always told me that they appreciate my ability to stay calm and focused under immense pressure. I pride myself on treating everyone on the team as equal and speaking in a way that is constructive and not degrading, this is particularly important to me as I have experienced the opposite in this industry.


To me working in the art department in film is pure magic. We get to conceptualize a world and then, as a team, bring it to life. What more could a creative ask for?!