Jane Henderson

Set Decorator || Set Dresser || Props Master

I am passionate about film making and filling in the scripted worlds with detail to fill out the human story and making visible the layers of meaning in all. After completing my first degree at Rhodes University in Grahamstown I came to Cape Town to study for my masters of fine art at Michaelis, before I graduated I started lecturing in painting and drawing at UCT and gained invaluable work experience.

I entered the film industry starting on commercials but then found that I could turn my education to grapple with research, extracting details in the script both in contemporary, sci-fi and in historical drama where visual context is key.

I am a hard worker, a dedicated assistant and am flexible with a good understanding of leadership and teamwork. I also have a love of paper props and the written word and have extensive experience in creating period correct journals, documents and site-specific wall art.

I am practical and a good problem solver and have learned over the last 20 years that a plan can always be made to get the job done. I find working on set rewarding and I am happy to get my hands dirty and work until done. It is essential to find all the right elements for a set to find the exact tone for a film to make the story believable and unique and I love to travel to all these beautiful utterly unique locations we have available to us.

When I am not busy on a film I am painting. I have had several solo exhibitions and work at various times in several galleries in Cape Town. The most extensive collection of my work to date is at Prop Art.