Katleho Keketso Morojele

My name is Katleho Morojele (aka “KK”), and I am a freelancer in the film industry’s art department. Born and raised in Cape Town, I have always had an interest in the arts and creativity.  I attended boarding school at Bishops Diocesan College where I fostered an enthusiasm for Visual Arts, Economics and English Literature.  in 2017, I completed my BA degree in Motion Picture Medium specializing in Production Design for film at AFDA (Cape Town campus) and one day hope to extend my design expertise to include other platforms such as television and theater.

As a nod to my right-brain orientation, my interest in production design stemmed from its function to delicately underscore story themes through the careful selection of design properties such as colors and textures.  My experience in the film industry has taught me the importance of effective communication and collaborating with other creatives.  I am especially eager to learn new skills and strive to push myse4lf to new heights.  Outside of work i enjoy occupying myself creatively, frequenting the outdoors and fitness at the gym, as above all I value a healthy lifestyle.