Maria Labuschagne

Art Director // Set Decorator

One part mentor, 2 parts manager, and three parts creative problem solver.

I grew up in a family of artists and in school excelled at art and textile design, jewelry design, sketching, ceramics, and painting. It was clear to from an early age that there was not a 9-5 job on this planet that would keep me motivated and I desired a faster paced, landscape as a vocation.

My career in film started in 1999 and I’ve been consistently art directing and set decorating since 2010.

Over the last 18 years, I’ve learned from the best art directors in the industry and have honed my skills while working beside world-renowned directors of both local and international production companies.

I am intuitive and quick to visualize a director’s brief and translate it seamlessly into the sets and backdrops that becomes the visual storybook for commercials and films alike.

I am respected for my down-to-earth hands-on approach, a natural sense of aesthetics and proficiency with managing budgets and creating systems that work. I love to learn new things and techniques from all the talented people I meet on every new project! It is great to know that we can never stop learning.

The most exciting part of film for me is seeing visions come to life beautifully, and knowing my team and I had a big part in it.