Niela Gie

Props and Set Dec Buyer #Art Assistant


I am a young creative, born and bread in the sleepy city of Cape Town,
on the sunny coast line of South Africa. It is here that I have learnt to play hard and work even harder.

If you can’t find me on set, you’ll fined me fanatically ordering our workshop or vigorously scribbling down ‘to do’ lists. I have experience in, sourcing, buying, dressing and even a little experience in managing our team, budgets, and wrapping alone.

I am skilled at draw and photography and this has made me synonymous with tasks, like dealing with the old ‘cafe chalk board’ or using photos for wall art and book covers.
I’m strong, independent, not afraid to get my hands dirty and will never leave a man behind, team work makes the dream work and I live by the motto ‘we can rest when we are dead’!

When I’m not on set you will find me hopping on a plane.  I am fun, hard working and you wont regret having me on your team.