Rochelle Redgard

Junior Art Director, Props Buyer and Set Designer

Junior Art Director

I have re-entered the freelance industry after working fulltime as a Jnr Art Director at Moose Films. We shot stock footage based on the TVC format, but with smaller crews & budgets.

I had the opportunity to Art Direct 32 different shoot briefs. Some of our shots have been featured in international commercials for brands like Samsung. 

With our small crews, I had to wear many hats on the same shoot including props mastering and designing graphics. I was responsible for the whole props & wardrobe department and managing the inventory. 

For me, the process of creation is just as important as the final result. By creating something physical that brings a unique moment to life whether it is a TVC or long-form, I feel like I am doing something that moves people. We have such an interesting yet diverse industry that I would like to explore further. I find the whole process from research, conceptualising, design and the final execution very exciting. For me, the magic lies in the ability to use artisan skills to create an experience and tell a story.