Sedick De Jongh

Props Master || Buyer || Standby || Construction || Art Director

Sedick is an innovative props master and fabricator with a keen eye for detail and the ability to adapt to change effectively. The “knack” for recreating either similarly styled or replicas of dated or industrial styled furniture, lights and props has earned him a reputation as an asset and budget saver.

Sedick has extensive experience in local and international advertising and features as well as current affairs, TV series, televovela and sitcoms. A dedicated professional with the ability to evolve and a passion for passing my craft on to others

Additional experience:

  • packs and product specialist
  • script specific props & dressing design and manufacturing
  • replicating lifelike fingers
  • vehicle manipulation
  • replicating bullet holes
  • modifying air soft pistols to look more realistic or specialised
  • manufacturing retractable knives, prison shivs/shanks and screwdrivers
  • action driving