Tagan Jones

Aspiring Set Designer working towards becoming a Art Director

Honest, respectful & always eager to learn. I am a driven professional Architectural Technologist who takes pride in her work!

My Architectural experience has given me an abundance of amazing skills that suite the film industries fast paced style while paying attention to detail.

Friendly and easy to work with, I enjoy working with big teams, getting creative and getting the job done well (and in good time too!).


My skills include 2D drafting in AutoCAD, 3D modeling in Revit and Sketch Up, Digital media using Photoshop, the Concept app & Procreate app, Rendering in Twin Motion and overall great management and organizational skills.

I have top notch working tools which always help the workflow; my powerful & fast laptop, 2 Dell monitors, a printer, a 12.9-inch iPad 4th gen, my i10 car & my drone if it comes into use.

I look forward to any future projects!